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Following my showing of the new painting/banners at the Welsh Assembly on Tuesday the 11th December 2007 see Judge Hickinbottom Colludes with the Welsh assembly Government blog for videos of them. The only one not displayed there was my ‘DECHO Assembly delay Water Wheel Technology’ banner.

When I did my evening pages (see Julia Cameron’s book for that) the question of Wind Turbines came to mind as I reflected on the Dylan songs that I sang outside the Assembly, IDIOT WIND being one of them.

So for today its lets raise the question Wind Turbines versus Solar Panels, and cost versus efficacy. (I do so love that word).

In the debate over alternative energy you never seem to hear what the facts and figures are. How much does it cost to purchase and install 1x Wind Turbine, and how many square footage of Solar Panels could be purchased and installed for the same cost, and what difference is there in an output comparison????

Do we as a people have the right to know this kind of information? The government ought to be able to extrapolate the figures on both systems, after all they must have them, and if they do not then they are remiss in their duties. If they do have the figures then surely let us, the populace have those figures so that we can make the informed choice as to which systems we would prefer.

The benefit of having the Solar Panels for the Consumer would mean cheaper electricity bills, where as with Wind Turbines, they have to purchase it from the National Grid. (This might be one of the reasons government are loath to invest on all homes in Wales having Solar Panels. After all if they did, then the government would lose out on VAT on Bills now wouldn’t it???)

I wonder if the benefit to the Consumer in reduced bills is ever factored into the equation when they decide on which system to back. Does ‘self reliance’ of the consumer EQUAL good use of taxpayer’s monies. I would have thought so.

I also wonder if they take into account the job creation that fitting Solar Panels to every home in Wales would provide, or the self worth of those workers engauged in such work, and the appreciation of the populace, that their government for once were looking out for their interests.

There remains the thorny question of how many panels they would install on a property. But I guess the cost versus efficacy and self-sufficiency of the people would guide the choice in that.

Yep I wonder if any of this is factored into the equation in this rush for Wind Turbines??? So can we have the facts and figures, and maybe just maybe they will have a re-think, they might also let us know the cost of installing micro wind turbines to chimneys, and their output, so that the Consumer might have both, paid for from the public purse, just like they fund these Wind Turbines and so meet their targets for reduction in emissions and benefit the consumer in the process rather than have us totally reliant on the National Grid, and the ‘so called’ Electricity suppliers. (My opinion on these is that they are in the main just processors of bills, and that the farm off of Nationalised industries was just to create white-collar jobs, how many of these companies are actually producing the electricity???).

It seems that the media have kept very quiet about the banner that had ‘DECHO E.E.C. Declare the BBC a Monopoly’. Although it seems that Mr. Richard Evans has a hot line to the Welsh Assembly based on the history of his show, but he sure keeps quiet about questions of criminal negligence, and social exclusion by the assembly of Crazydave, and therefore partakes in that abuse, by his silence, by his refusal to ask the questions, of his good mate Mr. Rhodri Morgan et al. But that’s BBC impartiality for you Eh Crazydave.

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From Crazydave.

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UPDATE FRI 14TH DEC 2007 WHOOOPS! Had to ammend the date calendars huh!

Question: do all planning applications to the council have to pass an 'Is this property situated to get the most out of the available sunlight????' do they have building regs that all new build properties have 'solar tiles' fitted as standard. These products are available and given the rediculous price of new homes, its not going to affect the price that much is it, in terms of materials and actual cost of building the property versus profit.

Oh and I rounded off my free concert at the Assembly with Sting the fields of gold album, the finale of the looked across the river today ''and all this Time the river flowed endlessly to the sea, and yes from the Roman invasion up until this present day we are still not maximmizing the energy of our rivers to create electricity. Remarkable or total insanity.

From the number of hits the 'Judge Hickinbottom colludes with the W.A.G.' videos it doesn't look as if the USUAL SUSPECTS' sent emails of these blogs have troubled themselves into viewing the art works on display. More Malfeasance or do they just have a block on my email.


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